We live in an accelerated and complicated world in which relationships are fleeting, communication is virtual, people are on a fast track and if you don’t move they push you, honor is transitory and trust is hard to obtain. News comes fast and furious, and we are constantly under barrage by thousands of messages from the time we open our eyes in the morning.

AVFA was founded in 2008, with the purpose of helping the brands, companies, products, events and services we work with to obtain the attention and respect they deserve in a boisterous world full of people. We are a full service Hispanic company on the cutting edge of Strategic Communications, using diverse strategies and tactics in our communication programs to effectively capture the attention of the Latino public and inspire immediate action. Our commitment is to continually follow the road that needs to be taken in discovering opportunities and to never to lose sight of the objectives of our clients, who come first for us.

We are known for our great ideas, intelligent and resourceful initiatives, and people who give their all to obtain excellent results.
Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with offices in Miami, Florida, AVFA, in its short trajectory, has specialized in the development and implementation of campaigns dedicated to the Latino market in the United States and Latin America, having won more than ten prestigious international awards and nominations, among which is a 2012 Emmy® nomination.

“Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay.” Benjamin Disraeli


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